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[Tribes] Information and Guidelines

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:33 am
1. Don’t post threads asking for a tribe to join.
Please use the sticky thread here. All threads created will be locked and the OP will be redirected to the sticky.

2. All tribe threads must have a sufficient amount of information to stay open
To make a tribe thread you must include enough info about your tribe like how many members you have, what the rules of the tribe are if there is any, requirements to join, what server you play in, what your tribe rank is, a tribe banner, etc.

3. The name of your tribe should be in the thread title.
"Join my tribe~!" does not make a good tribe thread title, so be sure to include your tribe name in the thread title.

4. Don’t post in a Tribe topic if you’ve been told not to by the Tribe leader.
Please be respectful to other tribes, if you have been asked to leave the tribe thread then please do not post in it again.

5. Discussions are allowed!
Discussions about the tribe system – anything related to Tribes, really – are allowed and encouraged, so feel free to post these threads.

Finally, remember that the Tribes subforum is also subject to the General Forum Rules and Guidelines.
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